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This gallery has more pictures from the DC match between Argentina and Germany. Enjoy it =O)
All credits from this gallery go to Melu and Pablo...finally ;O)

Gaston and his DC game... get ready Kafelnikov !

He does not only have nice backhands you know? ;O)
Gasti is just two games away from victory against Schuettler
And indeed. he won those two games =O)
Thank you, thank you all for coming
The "Monumentalito" Stadium, in the back the Monumental. Vamos River ! xx
The ovation of the public was for GG during the doubles ceremony
Champagne to celebrate and shower Nalbandian !!!!
The team and their usual "vuelta olimpica"
Gaston running with Chelita to warm up
Gaston practicing before the fifth point
The whole team during the doubles ceremony
Ok boys, enough we need to think about how to win against the russians =O)
That's all my babies ! xx
I hope you liked the pictures. If u have suggestions or you would like to submit any, feel free to e-mail me.

~ Melu 2003 ~