Photos of Gaston (2003)
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This mini gallery includes pics from DC (february 2003)
Thank you Luna, Pablo and Kiki on this one =O)

GG and Nalbi SMILING in River Plate =O)
I just hope they are not laughing at me ...
And yes sir, now GG streak goes to 11 - 1 in won/loss
I know...i know...if it wasn't for Mr K (puff)
Killer backhand (Gaudio copyright)
This one was against Ranier Schuettler i think...
Another backhand ! xx
On court it doesn't seem that he makes a big effort to play this shot, hehe.
Shhh...he's about to serve !
Ace Gaston, we need an ace!
Marvelous ! xx
It's all in King David's hands now
Wait...i found another one

Arg (5) - Ger (0) : Our team was David Nalbandian, Juanchi Chela, Gaston Gaudio and Lucas Arnorld. The captain is Gustavo Luza.